We inspire real solutions by mixing tried-n-true global research studies with our planet’s best known remedies.

While our mission is beyond serious, our story could not have been made up.   Three individuals at a social gathering are introduced by happenstance.  

One a veteran inventor and owner of a production facility for consumer product goods who had learned about and experimented with CBD THC-Free formulations ever since it had relieved his Colitis and Diabetic issues several years prior.  His quest led him to having a voracious appetite for seeking out medical research studies, and connecting the dots of natural ingredients that work in concert with each other for specific purposes; resulting in remarkable formulations of  CBD, CBG, CBN, Herb & Botanical Nervines and Adaptogens.

The second, a cosmetic esthetician and Wellness Spa owner whose ultra healthy lifestyle moved her toward finding better product solutions using natural plant based ingredients that included CBD, and a deep understanding of herbs & spices that transcends hundreds of years.   Her blends proved uniquely special and over time were formulated and solidified with real solutions and raves from thousands of customers at her spa.

The third, owner of the company that pioneered the grocery and restaurant category of liquid egg whites for consumers.  His USDA processing plant was the model for regulatory food safety, vastly exceeding GMP’s by using the same protocol created for NASA’s Space Shuttle program to insure food safety while aboard; (HACCP: Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) plan.  Egg whites, the only protein exactly matching the human body, moved to and CBD the exact chemical match of what the human brain produces; gained his attention years earlier when it saved his dog after being diagnosed with MMM. 

YOU can see where the conversation between these three went, but far more important is what you may not see.  In an unregulated industry in which there is no oversight, CBD has seen boundless promise for wellness; yet has been adulterated by many companies with subpar ingredients and processing conditions.  All of us at QualityCBD are impassioned to provide the best of the best, The Gold Standard CBD.   

The FDA currently prevents us making claims of healing, but we highly encourage you to judge for yourself or someone you care about.

These products are intended to prevent, treat, diagnose, or cure COVID-19